Body pump 111 ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

Body pump 111 ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

Body pump 111 音楽 トラックリスト:

01 Speechless [Nicolas Haelg Remix].mp3
02 Chase The Sun [Extended Mix].mp3
03 Youngblood.mp3
04 Reserve.mp3
05 High Hopes.mp3
06 Walk Me Home.mp3
07 Face My Fears.mp3
08 Focus.mp3
09 FOOLISH.mp3
10 Imagine.mp3
BP45A This Feeling (Tom Staar Remix).mp3
BP45B Lost My Mind.mp3

Body pump 111 ビデオのスクリーンショット:

Body pump 111 Choreography Booklet.pdf 振付 冊子 ファイルに含まれています

Position Setup
• Heels under hips
• Toes turned out slightly
• Knees soft
• Hands thumb-distance
from thighs
• Gently draw the belly in
and brace the abs
• Lift the chest
• Lift the shoulders up, roll them back and
draw the blades down towards the spine
• Chin tucked in
Overhand Grip
Same as SET Position
• 1 foot back with rear heel lifted
• Rear heel lifted
• Knees slightly bent
• Body weight even in both legs
Position Setup
• Bar on meaty part of upper back
• Feet slightly wider than hips with toes
turned out
• Chest up, light pinch between the shoulder
• Belly in and abs braced
Execution Setup
• Sit the butt back and down
• Knees track forward, in line with toes
• Butt stops just above knee level – knees at
90-degree angle
Layer 2
• Finish with hips under shoulders
• Feel the pressure in your quads
• Brace the abs tighter in the Bottom Halves
MID Stance Bottom Range
Position Setup
• Same as for WIDE Stance
• Heel–toe wider than Wide Squat
Execution Setup
• Hips sit back and down
• Knees out
• Chest up
• Abs braced
• Butt stops just above knee
at 90-degree angle
Layer 2
• Drive your feet apart
• Knees out


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