BARRE 10ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

BARRE 10ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

BARRE 10 音楽 トラックリスト:

01 If I Can’t Have You.mp3
02 Call You Mine.mp3
03 mother tongue (Sub Focus Remix).mp3
04 Say What You Wanna.mp3
05 Crown.mp3
06 International Anthem.mp3
07 I’m Kissing You.mp3
08 Run Game.mp3
09 B4 Tough Love.mp3
10 We Be Burnin’.mp3
11 B5 Don’t Lie.mp3
ALT B5 Don’t Run To Me.mp3

BARRE 10 ビデオのスクリーンショット:

BARRE 10 Choreography Booklet.pdf 振付 冊子 ファイルに含まれています

Diana Archer Mills (New Zealand) is
choreographer for LES MILLS BARRE, CXWORX™
and LES MILLS TONE™, co-Program Director
Director for BODYJAM™, BODYPUMP™ and
RPM™. She is based in Auckland.
Summer Bradley (New Zealand) is a LES MILLS
BARRE Trainer/Presenter, who is based in
Hannah Ellis (New Zealand) is a LES MILLS BARRE
Presenter, and a LES MILLS TONE Instructor. She
is an early childhood educator based in Dunedin.
James Thomas (United States) is a LES MILLS
SPRINT™ Trainer/Presenter and an RPM
Presenter. He works for Les Mills U.S., where he
is a Customer Experience Specialist overseeing
regional partnerships for New Jersey and New
Cambria Camillo Smith (United States) is a LES
and BODYPUMP Trainer/Presenter. Based in
Minneapolis, she is also a U.S. Program Specialist

Welcome to LES MILLS BARRE Release 10.
This release is about “all the feels” – activating
muscles to feel the burn of strength and cardio
training in our bodies, as well as letting go in the
music and the moment to feel the freedom and
joy of Ballet-inspired movement. Participants
will come back to our classes when they feel
autonomy or control over their own workout,
when they feel competent and confident that
they’re nailing it, and when they feel connected to
us and each other. We can give them autonomy
by offering lots of options – and celebrating
them for choosing whatever level feels best for
them (remember to DO those low options with
them too!). We can give participants a sense of
competence and confidence by focusing our
coaching less on ‘teaching Ballet’ and more on
what, where, and how we feel the workout in
our bodies. Instead of leaving intimidated or
discouraged by how they look as they tackle
these challenging Ballet-inspired moves, they will
leave motivated by their success in feeling their
muscles ‘burn’ and by the beautiful feeling of
freely enjoying the movement and music without
expectations. We can create an amazing feeling
of connection when we tune into how our bodies
and hearts feel, make ourselves aware of how our
participants are feeling, and become vulnerable
enough to share “all the feels” of LES MILLS
BARRE 10 with them
In this track, script clear and inviting Layer 1
cues to get your participants moving safely and
effectively and make them feel welcome in class.
State the name of the move, then work from
the floor up to help them set good Foundation
Posture. Follow up with just a couple of simple
Layer 2 cues that confirm where your participants
will be feeling the work in their bodies. As you
script, focus on using inclusive language that
invites everyone to join together in the movement
and experience – and leave some space for the
music to share its warmth and joy too!
How can you tap into the way your body feels
and what you hear in the music to deliver some
authentic Layer 3 moments in this track?


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