BODY ATTACK UNITED ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

BODY ATTACK UNITED ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード


01 Raindrops.mp3
02 It’s Going Down.mp3
03 Physical.mp3
04 Keep On Rockin’.mp3
05 Out Of Sight.mp3
06 This Is Real (Future House Remix) [Extended Edit].mp3
07 No Effect (Sunset Bros Remix).mp3
08 What Is Love 2K9 (Cansis Remix Edit).mp3
09 Blackout (Extended Mix).mp3
10 Stupid Love.mp3
11 I’ll Be There.mp3
E5 Out Of Sight.mp3

BODY ATTACK UNITED ビデオのスクリーンショット:

BODY ATTACK UNITED Choreography Booklet.pdf 振付 冊子 ファイルに含まれています

Program Director – Lisa Osborne
Chief Creative Officer – Dr. Jackie Mills
Creative Director – Kylie Gates
Technical Consultants – Bryce Hastings and
Andrew Newmarch
Production Coordinator – Lily Roelofs
Special thanks to – Josh James and
Kendall Farmer for music
Lisa Osborne (Australia) is Program Director
for BODYATTACK and Creative Director for
BODYSTEP™. She is a former three-time world
champion and seven-time Australian aerobics
champion, who is based in Auckland.
The creative process for this round included a
group of trainers and instructors from all around
the world. A special thank you to this team of
people who trialled and gave their feedback.
Dan Maroun (United States)
Adam Bramski (United States)
Amy Styles (United States)
Claire Place (United Kingdom)
Jacqui Conder (Australia)
Nick Parashchak (New Zealand)
BODYATTACK UNITED has the perfect mix of
music. A blend of sing–along songs and modern
sounds to push you through the peaks and to get
you the benefits of BODYATTACK. This release
has a huge positive feel. It’s full of so many
opportunities to share the BODYATTACK energy.
The release starts with a high energy dance track
to set the mood, followed by a fun, percussive
beat for Mixed Impact where the focus drops to
the legs. You’ll have a chance to party early in this
track and the Aerobic track, Physical. Let’s go and
your participants will follow!
The Plyometric track is challenging. It will have
you lunging and snowboarding up and down
mountains to drive the intensity. Don’t forget,
options all the way of course!
The Athletic Strength track focuses on single
leg movements to develop equal balance and
strength on both sides of the body, while the
upper body sections focus on strength and core
You and your participants will enjoy this new
sound for the Agility track while you work on
lateral reaction and speed. The highlight of this
track is the rugby training to deliver an authentic
sports vibe.
The Interval track has one of the most loved
songs, remixed to sound fresh and modern. Sing
your hearts out!
Finally, the Cooldown, I’ll Be There, sums up the
whole release – people UNITED, sweating and
sharing their energy. I hope you feel the love and
how your passion changes the world even from
your own back yard.
Adam Snow Bramski (United States)
Dido Severino (Brazil)
Alyssa Walton (Canada)
Amy Styles (United States)
Bastian Glasmacher (Germany)
Ben Deng (China)
Claire Place (United Kingdom)
Dr. Dan Maroun (United States)
Jacqui Conder (Australia)
Jorge Mendes (Portugal)
Lidia Bodoque (Spain)
Maria Pinto Kucharski (Portugal)
Maxime Vigeant (France)
Mina Fujigasaki (Japan)
Nancy Hua (China)
Oscar Peiro Fernandes (Spain)
Robert Van Dieën (Netherlands)
Sokvann Thaut (Kuwait)
Steve Cluff (Australia)
Teoh Yee Sin (Australia)


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