BODY PUMP 118 ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

BODY PUMP 118 ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

BODY PUMP 118 音楽 トラックリスト:

01 Bad At Being Alone (Jay Hardaway Remix).mp3
02 Tell Me You Love Me (Matrix & Futurebound Remix).mp3
03 This Is My World.mp3
04 Mula.mp3
05 Feeling Alive.mp3
06 Drip.mp3
07 Dura.mp3
08 Winter Is Coming.mp3
09 Rotate.mp3
10 Beautiful Mistakes.mp3
11 BP45 A 24-7.mp3
12 BP45 B Long Way Home.mp3
13 BP45 C We Have Spoken.mp3

BODY PUMP 118 ビデオのスクリーンショット:

BODY PUMP 118 Choreography Booklet.pdf 振付 冊子 ファイルに含まれています

BODYPUMP 118 hits the stage with a truly global
feel. This release is a reconnecting of the Les Mills
community, the first live event since the world
went into lockdown.
The workout is fresh, modern and the music lifts
us into the BODYPUMP stratosphere!
Gluteal activation for athletic development is the
key focus that holds this workout together. In our
Squats, Back and Lunges tracks, we focus on the
muscles that optimize vertical drive; this improves
our jumping ability. The Glute Hip Raises activate
our horizontal drive, helping us to run faster.
The Squats track introduces to the BODYPUMP
world, for the first time ever, the Barbell Front
Squat. This is a fantastic exercise that increases
our core and torso engagement helping us align
the spine and strengthen the fronts of our legs.
This is a true innovation to this class.
Plate Rows and Super Slow Lunges build deep
fatigue and ultimately strength and tone for the
legs. The introduction of a bonus BODYPUMP
45-minute track named “Functional Strength”
adds a real athletic glute focus to the workout.
You can use this track in place of the 45-minute
Lunges/Shoulders track.
So, whether you want to run faster, jump higher,
get stronger and more toned, this class is
definitely for you. Enjoy your workout.
Glen and The BODYPUMP Team

Position Set-up
• Heels under hips
• Toes turned out slightly
• Knees soft
• Hands thumb-distance from
• Gently draw the belly in and
brace the abs
• Lift the chest
• Lift the shoulders up, roll them back and
draw the blades down towards the spine
• Chin tucked in
Overhand Grip
Position Set-up
• Bar on meaty part of upper back
• Heel–toe wider than
Mid Stance
• Chest lifted, light pinch between the
shoulder blades
• Belly in and abs braced
Execution Set-up
• Hips sit back and down
• Knees track over toes
• Chest lifted, abs braced
• Butt stops just above knee at 90-degrees
Layer 2
• Push through your heels as you rise, to activate
the glutes
• Push floor apart with your feet
• Squeeze the butt on the way up


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