GRIT 37 ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

GRIT 37 ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

GRIT 37 音楽 トラックリスト:

01 S1-A1 Holy Matrimony.mp3
02 S2 Colder Still.mp3
03 S3 Zone.mp3
04 S4-A2 Justafeelin.mp3
05 S5 Hypnotik (Original Mix).mp3
06 S6 AQUA COLA.mp3
07 S7 To Kill A Cyclops.mp3
08 S8 To The Top.mp3
09 C1 Waiting All Day To Get To You.mp3
10 C2-A5 Now Nobody’s Safe_Ride It.mp3
11 C3 Shake_Hooked.mp3
12 C4 Look At Me Go_Offender.mp3
13 C5 Aero Club.mp3
14 A3 Zone_Dig.mp3
15 A4 Ritual (Tribal Radio Stream)_Funk & Roll (Radio Stream)_Make It Drop.mp3
16 S9-C6-A6 Foot Off The Gas.mp3

GRIT 37 ビデオのスクリーンショット:

GRIT 37 Choreography Booklet.pdf 振付 冊子 ファイルに含まれています

After 36 releases, this round was extra special
with it being the first time filming a Masterclass in
‘The home of GRIT’. This unique and innovative
workout shows why LES MILLS GRIT is the best
HIIT on the planet.
LES MILLS GRIT Strength 37 has a theme of
complex combinations thread through, bringing
variety with the barbell, weight plates and body
weight. Each set is designed to keep elevating
the heart rate and get participants living in the
red zone to get fast fitness results! Our team
loved the contrast between each set and how
simple the structure was; this meant every set and
rep could be hit with maximum effort.
Erin and the LES MILLS GRIT crew
Tell us what you think of this release.
Moderate to heavy barbell and two free weight
plates of the same size. Anyone new to GRIT
should use light weights.
Aim to be super inclusive and inviting. Welcome
anyone new and explain the workout and the
expectations. Always tell members at the start of
the class that this workout is for them and they
can dial up or down whatever they need to. The
bar can be switched out for the plate or body
weight at any time. A great mindset to get into
at the start of each workout is to remember to
teach to the whole team so everyone can feel


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