THE TRIP 29 ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

THE TRIP 29 ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

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TRIP TEAM Choreography – Les Mills Jnr
Chief Creative Officer – Dr Jackie Mills
Creative Director – Les Mills Jnr
Product Manager – Chris Richardson
Presenter – Bas Hollander
Production Coordinator – Anusha Kulal
Are you ready for what might be the best night of
your life?
The brutalist nature is heightened by falling snow
and a stark color palette. However, as one might
expect, that does not last for long.
As we journey through the interior of buildings,
we encounter color and lights that contrast the
exterior and bring energy and warmth with it.
As the sun sets, we speed towards the entrance
of a club with queues of people waiting to enter –
this is F A B R I E K .
From here, we journey through various spaces
before we enter back into the City and this time
we bring all the colors, lights and energy with
us. It does make us wonder exactly how long we
were down there?
Whilst there is a hard edge to the environment,
we find the Music & Visuals provide plenty of
contrasting moments that allow us to move and
manipulate the energy of our riders.
By bringing our Inclusive Attitude and by creating
a Fresh & Flexible approach to each ride, we
uncover different layers within this workout.
Uncovering new aspects to THE TRIP workouts
brings renewed enthusiasm and it helps keep
everyone engaged.
The continuous free-flowing feel with longer
extended periods of effort continues in the
release – we appreciate the feedback we have
been receiving and we intend to continue with
this endurance-based approach.
Great to have Bas leading this one too, and for
the trainspotters out there, you may realize there
is a connection with Bas and this release – any


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