SPRINT 29 ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

SPRINT 29 ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

SPRINT 29 音楽 トラックリスト:

01 Justafeelin.mp3
02 Pick Up.mp3
03 Keep On.mp3
04 You Make Me Want To Live.mp3
06 The Gaze.mp3
07 On A Mountain.mp3
08 CHA CHA.mp3

SPRINT 29 ビデオのスクリーンショット:

SPRINT 29 Choreography Booklet.pdf 振付 冊子 ファイルに含まれています


In many ways the workout for LES MILLS SPRINT
Release 29 is super intense but it’s the music, the
amazing music, that defines this release.
We have introduced a walk in track, and when
you hear it you will love it. The vibe is cool and
smooth, and while participants set themselves up
the anticipation will build towards the Accelerated
From there, our workout experience is enhanced
by the music and the beat. Our goal is to find the
right Load, the right pressure, and then it’s about
holding the beat as long as we can!
As we’ve always said we are not a prisoner to the
beat, however, we can guarantee the use of the
beat, and the challenge of holding it, elevates this
Ok. Let’s discuss the workout.
The uplifting and enticing Accelerated Warm-up
drops and it feels different, with two long efforts
of Strength and Power. We are ready.
Next comes Heavy Power with 3x 40-second
efforts that take a toll on the legs and get the
heart pounding.
Speed Endurance follows, along with the new
Sprint challenges of holding the beat and hitting
the surges. We definitely feel the adrenaline in
this one.

The second half of the class gets serious.
Firstly, the Standing Power runs focus on an
uprightbody position with lots of core control and
light hands, as we move like we’re running up a
set of stairs.
Secondly, the Heavy Strength builds and sustains
musclepressure before a short sharp Power phase
to finish.
A complete workout that sounds fresh and moves
your fitness into another stratosphere.


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