CORE 49 ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

CORE 49 ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

CORE 49 音楽 トラックリスト:

01 Sweet Dreams.mp3
02 Don’t Stop Me Now.mp3
03 Power.mp3
04 Hallelujah.mp3
05 Home (COVEX Remix).mp3
06 Way Up.mp3
45-1 Be Around You.mp3
45-5 Too Long.mp3
45-6 Fall From The Sky.mp3
45-9 Benz Beamer.mp3
A3 I’m Saying Goodbye.mp3

CORE 49 ビデオのスクリーンショット:

CORE 49 Choreography Booklet.pdf 振付 冊子 ファイルに含まれています
Choreography – Dan Cohen and Diana Archer Mills
Chief Creative Officer – Dr. Jackie Mills
Creative Director – Kylie Gates
Program Coaches – Kylie Gates, Dan Cohen,
Rene Vogel
Technical Consultant – Bryce Hastings
Production Coordinator – Laura Jackson
As the lights go to black and the pre-show kicks
in, the excitement builds with everyone full of
anticipation. LES MILLS CORE 49 is now ready for
the world to see – LIVE in LONDON!
Over 1,000 participants performed Hovers,
dynamic Bow & Arrows, Single-Leg Squats and
Hip Drops, all to pumping sounds such as New
School, Retro, Dance and more.
Release 49 showcases more than 20 diverse
presenters from all over the world. Enjoy this
incredible training session.
Dan, Diana, Kylie
Hey instructors, we heard you loud and clear! We
know that, worldwide, the primary format focus
is the 30-minute class not the 45-minute format
(yet). So, we want to give you BONUS tracks
from the 45-minute format to switch out after you
launch the new release.
With that in mind, below you will see the BONUS
tracks that can be switched out in bold to add
longevity to your classes and give a new ‘vibe’
and feel to the class. It is recommended that if
you are doing the Bonus Standing Strength 3
you use Warm-up 45, which has more integrated
exercises so the participants will be better
prepared for this type of training.


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