THE TRIP 32 ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

THE TRIP 32 ビデオ 音楽 ダウンロード

THE TRIP 32 ビデオのスクリーンショット:

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TRIP TEAM Chief Creative Officer – Dr Jackie Mills
Creative Director – Les Mills Jnr
Choreography – Chris Richardson
Product Manager – Chris Richardson
Presenter – Bas Hollander
Production Coordinator – Anusha Kulal
We glide in on the wind and then the party starts.
One World. Three Parts.
Part One is light-filled and lush which provides
us with a wonderful sense of space and freedom.
Surrounded by ethereal architecture, billowing
fabrics, and some time in the clouds. It’s
energizing and refreshing.
Part Two is dry yet colorful and teaming with life.
We move in and out of O A S I S and discover all
it has to offer.
Part Three is dark and deep. The vibe here is the
opposite of what we encountered earlier in the
workout however it’s just as engaging, and the
beats keep us driving the intensity.
The time spent transporting between the different
Parts is not to be underestimated. Challenging
tunnels of smooth rolling jumps lure us deeper
into our experience.
The ANIMATED focus we introduced in the last
few releases continues here. However, this time
it’s on Bas to show us how he approaches it.
Hopefully, you’ve now seen various ways of using
this in your coaching and we also hope your riders
are engaging with it too.
In Bas’s words, “this might be my favorite
release!” However, we are sure he said that last
time. Enjoy your time exploring O A S I S and
diving deep into the IMMERSIVE experience.
As always stay safe and be kind to each other!


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